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Feature: Nemopilema nomurai - a big problem
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First published online April 2003, this the 6th edition of The Scyphozoan. Please see the list of additions to the site since May 2005 which includes new jellyfish images, a gradually growing bibliography with links to PDFs, a repository for (portal to) more published datasets, new information about 'CnidToL' and 'REVSYS' jellyfish projects, and this issue's jellyfish feature.


The Scyphozoan is an internet resource dedicated to integrating and disseminating information describing jellyfishes in Class Scyphozoa. It is a venue for scyphozoan biologists of all kinds to present historical and modern knowledge, in simplified form, to non-specialists including aquarists, coastal managers, educators, fisheries biologists, students, and the interested general public, who may all have first hand experience with jellyfishes. We openly invite contributions with which the site will be updated a couple of times a year, including a list of recent additions. Shortcuts to all sections of the site, new and old, are available via the site map. As the site grows, we will add databases and search engines to help you navigate. We hope that The Scyphozoan will become a regular repository for, and generator of, new information on this enigmatic group.


If you find a jellyfish and would like to know what it is, please send pictures and a sample to the Cnidarian Tree of Life (CnidToL) and REVSYS - jellyfish blooms projects.. We will identify the animals and sequence molecular markers from the mitochondrial genome (16S rDNA, cytochrome c oxidase subunit I) and nuclear genome (18S, 28S, and other genes in the future) and send the information to you. Please see the PROJECTS sidebar for links to more information.


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This site is continually growing. Please bear with us and inform us of any faults. Thank you!