The known distribution of the genus Aurelia (modified from Dawson & Martin 2001, Dawson unpubl. data). Colored regions indicate ranges of species of Aurelia inferred from DNA sequencing analyses of COI and ITS1 (Dawson & Jacobs 2001; Dawson unpubl. data) and 16S rDNA (Schroth et al. 2002). The disjunct distributions of Aurelia sp. 1 and Aurelia sp. 4 are thought to be the result of recent anthropogenic introductions (Dawson et al. unpubl. data). This may also be the case for Aurelia aurita in the Black Sea and Aurelia sp.8 in the Mediterranean or Red seas. The grey dots show coastal regions along which Aurelia has been reported to occur but for which species identifications are unclear.



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