Analyses of polyps
Gerhard Jarms



Standardizing literature and language is essential for progress. Terms that are not used consistently currently include:
cusps cf. teeth
mesenteric cf. gastric filaments

Characters for coronate polyps: (Figure)
Hypostom (present/absent), epistom
Pores in septae (present/absent)
Diameter of basal disk (very stable)
Tissue characteristics are labile; skeleton fharacteristics are conserved

Phacellophora has 1cm tall polyp

Polyp shape is a good characteristic for distinguishing among families within Rhizostomeae.
Cassiopea polyps have septal ostia; basal periderm of Cassiope extends if growing in fouling area.
Distribution of planuloids - reliable or homoplastic character?

To compare polyps, need to feed them exactly the same amount, type of food to enable comparison.