Gooseneck barnacles in the genus Alepas Rang 1829 appear to be exclusively epizooic on scyphozoans, including Diplulmaris malayensis and Cyanea sp. (below). The association is considered ectoparasitic because deep clefts in the umbrella are caused at the point of attachment (Pagès 2000) and may involve other species of gooseneck barnacle (in the genera Conchoderma, Dosima) and scyphomedusae (Cephea cephea, Cyanea nozakii, Pelagia noctiluca, Phacellophora camtchatica, Rhopilema sp.). The association in the photograph below probably has been reported previously by Tubb (1946).


Gooseneck barnacle on Cyanea.
Huon Estuary, February 2003.


Prepared by Mike Dawson.